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Easily add locations to a map for your customers to find you!

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Unlimited stores, locations, offices, or places of interest!

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We have been using the store locator app for almost a year and it's been great to tool for our customers. Support team is very responsive and helpful. I submitted an inquiry on a technical issue and heard back from someone within 24 hours on an issue with full resolution. highly recommend this app!!!

The Easiest To Use Store Locator App

✮ Serving nearly 600,000 locations around the world ✮

W3Trends is proud to bring you a super simple and easy to use store locator. It's as simple as adding your locations and letting your customers find you! You don't need to worry about setting up complicated "Map API keys". You can have your store locator up and running in 5 minutes.

Now Even Better!

New Features

  • "Use My Location" search feature
  • Smoother zooming!
  • Set the number of locations you want to show when map loads
  • Search Reporting: See what addresses and locations people are searching for on the map, and which ones are the most popular.
  • Easy Layout Designer: You can now change the layout and styling of the map by selecting a couple of options. CSS/HTML knowledge not required.

Standard Features

  • Free 7 Day Trial
  • Unlimited locations*
  • Create your own search filters like "Wi-Fi" or "Open 24 Hours". As many as you want!
  • Don't like managing your locations from the browser? Import and Export locations to Excel easily
  • Easy to manage and find your locations in the administrator
  • One simple monthly price
  • Customers will have a much easier time finding all your locations around the world
  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Translate all the store locator text to the language of your choice

* When using the Enterprise plan

New Updates!

  • Upload Custom Markers
Store Locator
Easily add locations to a map for your customers to find you!
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