Easy Purchase Orders Easy Purchase Orders

Allow your customers to create professional purchase orders in Shopify.

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Draft Orders

The orders are completely editable by the shop owner thanks to the use of draft orders. Modify products, quantity, pricing, and more!

Generate purchase orders

Customers can generate Purchase orders directly from the cart page. Big businesses require purchase orders, so don't let your shop miss out!

Template editor

100% custom tailored Email and Purchase Order PDF templates. Include your business branding, to set your company apart from your competitors!

Great support from the developers, Highly recommend! Awesome way to create draft orders from the cart page without checkout.
Fabric Flavors

Many businesses require a purchase order to be approved by accounting before any purchase can be made. The Purchase Order app makes this as easy as the click of a button! Your customer will receive a copy of their cart via email, which they can then send out for approval. Why limit your market, when you can cater to each of your customer's needs? With the Purchase Order app, you can offer the regular checkout system for your typical customer, while also offering a PO option for the customers that require this.

How does the app work?

  1. Add a Purchase Order button to your site. Customers provide their email address, and are then sent an email with the order details.
  2. The email contains a PDF of the Purchase Order, and a checkout link.
  3. The checkout link allows them to checkout like a normal Shopify cart.

Template Editor

Need to add instructions or a signature field? Easily possible with our template editor. Build beautiful Email and PDF templates, which include your brand specific logo/information. Wow your customers with professional Purchase Order emails and PDFs!

Editable Order

Need to edit one of the purchase orders? You can fully edit any previously placed Purchase Orders since we use Shopify's built in Draft Order section! Modify products, quantity, pricing, and more with just a few clicks!

Custom Product Options
Add unlimited product options! Now with live product preview!
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Let your customers request quotes through the Shopify cart.
Store Locator
Easily add locations to a map for your customers to find you!
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Easy Purchase Orders
Allow your customers to create professional purchase orders in Shopify.
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