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Show related Product Accessories directly on your product page.

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Product Accessories | Custom Shopify Apps - W3trends, Inc.
Product Accessories Shopify App | W3trends, Inc.

One Click Cross-Sales

Your customers are only one click away from adding another purchase to their order

Product Accessories Shopify App | W3trends, Inc.

Single Page, Multiple Products

Instead of fiddling around with opening multiple product pages, your customers only need to select which additional products they want.

Product Accessories Shopify App | W3trends, Inc.

Detailed Conversion Analytics

Analytics information on how the accessories app is benefiting you. Including cost per order for accessories, and the last accessory ordered

The moment we installed the app, we got sales for product add-ons that we never got before. The support team is very responsive and was very helpful in customizing the app to fit our website theme and style. Thank you to the PA team for such a great app and excellent customer service. Must download app for every e-commerce store!

Making it easy to add additional products is one of the best and easiest ways to boost the value of each order. Product Accessories requires just one click for your customer to add additional products to their cart. Your customers will be able to add all the accessories they need. For example, extra batteries, charger cables, attachments, or similarly styled clothing.

Product Accessories isn't limited to just accessories. It can be used for cross selling, up-selling, and related products, kits, and much more.


Importing product accessories from Excel is now possible!


  • Free 5 day trial. Aren't satisfied during the trial? Simply uninstalling the app will cancel any billing and not charge you at all. We think you'll enjoy it's benefits though.
  • Adds a list of accessories that only require a simple checkbox to be selected to be added to the cart. This is unlike any other app, some of which require the customer to open a new window and keep track of all their products they're trying to buy. We don't believe adding related products should be that hard.
  • One simple monthly price for all the features.
  • Modify language of app for stores in other languages.
  • Does not remove current AJAX cart functionality.

Full Control Of Accessories

You have full control of what accessories show under each product page.

This will allow you to fine tune the items you think the customer is more likely to buy.

You can set accessories by product or by collection. You can also set default accessories for products that don't have any.

With our analytics, you can figure out what items are selling the best as an accessory.

Import product accessories from an Excel file.

Easy Installation

Installation is as simple as adding a snippet code into your product page theme file.

Language: You can easily change any of the front end text.

Currency: The app will automatically match the currency used in your store.

Simple Installation

Product Accessories offers an Auto Installer so that you never have to edit your code! It is as simple as selecting your theme from a dropdown list, so that you can get up and running with our Product Accessories Shopify app in seconds!

Unlike other similar apps, Product Accessories works seamlessly with existing cart functionality. Do you like how your theme offers an AJAX cart that opens seamlessly without going to a new page? This app will keep that functionality intact and does not automatically redirect to the cart page.

New Updates!

  • Customers can select accessories by checkbox OR radio button!
  • Export Product Accessories to an excel file
  • Option to show accessory products description
  • Option to add a quantity selector to the accessories
This app is Partner Friendly and is free to install on your developer store! Regular charges will apply once you pick a Shopify plan.
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