Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile phone users are spending 87 percent of their time in apps, versus only 13 percent on the web1. The mobile app market is growing every year. Mobile apps aren't just consumer tools. Thousands of business are turning to custom mobile apps every year to improve their businesses. W3trends is the top Houston based mobile app developer.
Custom Mobile App Development | W3trends, Inc.

Custom Mobile App Development | W3trends, Inc.

How can a mobile app improve my business?

The mobile app market grows every day. But app development isn't limited to just consumer apps. Business can see major benefit in create internal apps to improve their business processes.

Improved branding

Competitors may not be taken taking part in this advantage. Having an app puts your company branding and reputation on their phone. They'll see it when they have to scroll to find other apps they are looking for. This gives you a leg up on your competitors. Without an app your customers will need to manually navigate to your website every time they want to use the services your business provides

Increase reputation

It's no surprise some of the largest companies all have mobile apps. This includes Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, etc. This builds reputation and respect with your customers. Why wait when you can get started today creating the app your business needs. W3trends is here to help you.

W3trend's custom mobile app development capabilities

We have extensive experience creating both iOS and Android apps. We also have experience creating "hybrid" apps that will work on both phone operating systems.

Our mobile app development process will include mapping business processes, sketch mock-ups, refining, app development and programming, and client review. Your input will be taken into consideration every step of the way.

We have created many types of apps and have experience with these types of apps and technologies:

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Barcode scanning apps
  • QR Code Apps
  • Offline capable apps.

Custom Mobile App Development | W3trends, Inc.

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