Custom Application Development

At W3trends we can give life to your ideas. We build not just websites, apps, and software, but work with you every step of the way to help you build your business.
Custom Application Development | W3trends, Inc.

Custom Application Development | Houston App Developers - W3trends, Inc.

How can web apps & software help my business?

Could someone tell you that you run your business through Microsoft Excel and you would agree? If so your business has a growing problem you may not even realize. Microsoft Excel is a great program, but is not meant to store massive amounts of customer data, or to be used across departs as department tools.

“Spreadsheets are certainly a powerful tool, but my rule of thumb has always been that any given spreadsheet should not be used by more than a few people over a given period of time,” says Michael Talve, Founder and Managing Director of The Expert Institute.

Spreadsheets are prone to crashing

Could you handle some of your spreadsheets crashing and losing all the data in them? If not, your business may not be prepared to handle that scenario. Software is usually well documented, and backed up on a regular basis. Spreadsheets could be stored on someones computer, with that being the only copy.

Software is the solution

You may be getting by using Excel, but custom software could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Startup costs for software creation tend to be lower than our clients expect. Software can be built to your exact specifications, and include thousands of features that would never be possible in Excel. This includes things like authentication, authorization, off line availability across desktops and mobile, and much more.

W3trends first specialty is improving your business processes

It's not enough to make the software our customers need. Great software development companies will listen to your business problem, and give you multiple solutions to the problem. This could balance things such as budget, time constraints, and more.

At W3trends our first step in the software development process is studying and understanding your business processes. This includes sitting down with you and going through your current internal business processes. From there we can build a model of your business process. We can explain where we think improvements could be made using software.

Custom Application Development | Houston App Developers - W3trends, Inc.

Custom Application Development | Houston App Developers - W3trends, Inc.

W3trend's custom application development capabilities

The words "application development" can encompass many different things, and mean something else to different people. If you need any custom development at all, from software, to API integrations, to API creation we'd love to hear about it and let you know how are skill set can help you accomplish your goals

Here is a brief list of project types we've worked on involving application development

  • Custom web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Server application services
  • Data harvesting
  • Software code review and auditing
  • Custom windows application development
  • Web API development
  • Barcode scanning applications