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We are a full-service custom web design firm with the ability to blend quality website design with dynamic web programming and powerful online marketing.

User Interface Design

Custom website designs that are search engine friendly

user interface design Creating easy to use and effective user interfaces for everything including software, interactive displays and mobile applications.

Our teams know the importance of balancing design aesthetics and usability. It is these two things that will determine the experience that a user will have with your product or website.

A few rules of thumb for good user interface design

  • What's happening - The application should always keep users informed of what is going on.

  • Speak the users language - The application should use concepts, words and phrases that are familiar wit the user.

  • Give the user control - Users often click links and initiate functions by mistake. At this point the user will need an easy way to get back to their previous location without causing and damage.

  • Follow your standards - Certain terms and phrases should be consistent across the entire website or application in every situation.

  • Prevent accidental errors - When designing an application it is important to try to eliminate error prone situations and conditions. Also use validation and confirmation before allowing the user to proceed.

  • Clear and concise - eliminate unnecessary information on the screen and in dialogs. Extra information will confuse the error and take away from areas of importance.

W3Trends is a Houston web design company with the skill and experience necessary to make your next website design or web development project successful, regardless of size or scope.

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What Our Clients are Saying

W3 Trends has been so incredibly patient, supportive and shown great fineness when working with me to bring my very "vague ideas" for our Company website design to fruition. The artistic and creative talents they displayed were exquisite. Going back to the drawing board several times was not a hassle - it was clear the W3 Trends design team wanted to get our site "just right" as much as we did! We could not be happier with our end result.

Keri Clarbull
Frost and Company

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