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Reward representatives with redeemable points for doing tasks.

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Increase marketing effort by creating challenges for reps.


Marketeers feel rewarded by spending their points.

Think Outside of the Box

Create any rewards you can imagine or provide.

Create tasks and rewards for your reps

The Campus Reps app allows you to easily create rewards and tasks for your "campus reps" to complete. Assign points to the challenges, which the reps can later cash in on.

Campus Reps portal

Your reps can easily create an account and login through the portal. This portal is automatically created on your website. From the portal reps can accept challenges, ask questions, spend points on rewards, and much more. Your marketing efforts will become exponential through the power of your reps!

Editable application questions

Reps will require approval through an application process you create. The application questions are completely editable. Approve and deny any reps you like or dislike!

What are the challenges?

A challenge is the task you want the reps to complete. This could be taking photos with the product, posting the product on Instagram, or generating hype somewhere on the internet. You assign points to the challenge, and when the rep completes the task according to you, they receive these points.

What kind of rewards are there?

Anything you can think of! The rewards are completely customizable and setup by you. These can be discount codes to your shop, gift cards, posters, etc.

Is this only for college students?

This app can be used for any sort of rep system. It doesn't have to be college students.

New Updates!

  • Users & Admins now receive notification emails of various events.
  • There is now a referral program you can enable from Settings.
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Campus Reps
Reward representatives with redeemable points for doing tasks.
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